Bestimage Group

Bestimage Group was founded in 2003 with the aim of enriching the brands that we work with and directing the perspective of communication design of the future. Since then, it has been a full service advertising agency, developing effective communication strategies for the leading brands of the sector. With its fully-equipped design studios at the heart of Istanbul, Beşiktaş, Bestimage presents proactive communication solutions on Visual Design, Corporate Identity, Web Services, Video Production, Music Production, Photography, Organization and Consultancy under one roof. With designs based on the corporate unity, Bestimage creates added-value for its solution partners and promote communication strategies according to the ever evolving global communication dinamics for the maximum rendement.


Sound Design Istanbul

Sound Design Istanbul is a design oriented organizational structure which provides for every requirement of a project by splitting them into functions. It designs, applies and delivers in desired formats the entire technical processes like recording, mixing and mastering within its structure as well as the creative auditory operations like composition, arrangement and sound design.


radio glamorize logo


Radio Glamorize

DJs, who determined the rhythm in the electronic music scene, gathered under the umbrella of Radio Glamorize to present unique music experiences to its listeners. One-hour unforgettable Dj set performances are broadcasting on Radio Glamorize digital music platform as podcasts and videocasts.


Radio Glamorize carries the party in your pocket with 24/7 non-stop electronic music broadcast. With the leading DJs of the electronic music world and delicately created DJ sets, Radio Glamorize brings the music to you at anytime and anywhere via its application.

With the unique sets created by nearly 50 DJs every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, carry the party around you every midweek and weekend. Start your day full-of energy with the Unrulers program. Feel the energy of daylight with the beat of the music through “Below the Sunshine.” With Morning Blend, sip your first coffee of the day through the unique sounds of electronic music . Discover the rhythms that will accompany you in the rush hour of the day with Mama I Can Fly. Immerse the soul of music in the unique and intense colors of sunset with Sunset Crew. Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, live your weekday party wherever you want with Glamour Terrace, feel the darkness of the night, and the rhythm of the music with Catch the Night


Glamorize Records

For ‘Glamorize Style’ audience, the work is built upon the ideal of creating and sustaining that unique moment and Glamorize Records influences the audience with its musical depth, making him experience the feeling of being somewhere else. Interacting with every branch of art and designing for real music with its creative crew, Glamorize records aims to be an iconized label.


Torq Records

Torq Records, being a subcultural community that aims to show the potential of İstanbul in electronic music to the whole world by drawing the open-minded individuals together with the new generation talents, synthesizes the music genres of deep house, minimal techno, deep techno, dark techno and dub techno with subcultures.

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