Alp Ayral, who started his DJ career by performing at private parties in 2004, founded PARTY4US Event in 2013 and became a professional by taking part in club programs. He performed many clubs like Banyan, La Mancha, Angelino, Superb, Eva Klein, Other, Kefi, Sail, Wave, Hedgehog, Scuba, Cafe del Mare, Daphnis, Temple, Churchill, Yula and […]

Ayhan Güneysu, who has nearly 30 years of DJ experience, performed in the most iconic disco venues  such as Studio 54, Plaza and Andromeda. He also regularly performed in the discos located in Marmaris during the summer seasons. In addition to continuing to give performances, he also owns a company that provides sound equipment rental […]

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Barış Bergiten, who has been a DJ since 1993 and known as the “Chief of the Sound” in the Istanbul electronic music community, was one of the founders of Radio Cool and worked as the music director of Dinamo FM for many years. Bergiten, who reflects the skills he has earned by following world-class producers […]

His musical journey, which started in the 80s and 90s by being influenced by various music genres, continued by creating a record archive at an early age. His electronic music career began professionally in 2000, when he took the stage in Picante Bodrum and Hemera. He gives live performances every Saturday at 16.00 on Dynamo […]

Cenk Savaş, who started his career in 1990, closely followed the ever-changing music culture and transferred this change to his own music. While producing his music, he was inspired by jazz, ethnic, lounge, house, soulful techno, deep house and classical music. In addition to Adidas organizations, he performed at various events held in Parkorman Istanbul […]

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DJ Sergee, who has performed in the cities like İzmir, Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Antalya, Alanya, Bodrum, Marmaris and Cyprus since 1993, has also succeeded in making his voice heard by the masses through the sets he broadcast on various radio stations. In 2009, he founded the Marmaris branch of Pioneer DJ Academy Turkey, where he […]

After starting to play Detroit techno, house and alternative music genres he met at the end of the 90s, he expanded his archive and stepped into his professional music life with 28 BLACK FM web radio in 2010. During this period; He was a music director and resident DJ at clubs and festivals such as […]

Engin Sadıki (a.k.a. DJ Engin), born in Istanbul in 1983, turned his interest in music from a hobby into a professional profession. He started his DJ career at the age of 17 at Heybeliada Water Sports Club. Afterwards, He continued to lay the foundations of his career at Istanbul Hilton alongside Levent Severöz, one of […]

Erdem Yetim was born in Istanbul in 1988. Between 2005-2009 he worked as a DJ in the most popular clubs of Istanbul. He was accepted to Yıldız Technical University Music Technologies program in 2011 and graduated as a high honor student. During his education, he took various lessons such as music theory, harmony, composition and […]

Erdinç Akbulut was born in 1985 and took his first step into his DJ career with his performances at Club Uniq in Istanbul in 2002. Between 2002 and 2009, he performed as a resident and guest DJ at popular venues and organizations held in Istanbul. Between 2003 and 2009, he started DJing on Radio FG […]

Erdinç Erdoğdu started his DJ career in 2003. He worked as a producer and programmer at Radyo Hitmix 105.8 that released first Turkish remix works in Turkey. Then, he made various broadcasts with his program called “Playlist” on the dance web radio CT.DUO. He composed and arranged the corporate jingle of Hitmix 105.8. He stepped […]

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Istanbul based Dj & Producer Label – Bonzai Progressive – Prison Entertainment – Colore – Clepsydra – Natura Viva In The Mix – Woofits Records – Melodik Records – Panem Et Circenses – Syncopate Afterhours – Aletheia Record His passion for underground music at early age lead him to electronica. He started to work at […]

He was born in 1989. Gökhan’s interest in electronic music started at a very young age. He spent some time searching for his own music, during which time he was interested in tech house / techno derivatives. His professional career started in 2008. At a young age, he began to find a place in the […]

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Hakan Görür always walked through music starting from the age of 3, listening to the masterpieces of names like Elvis Presley, Stevie Wonder, and many others. This passionate adventure continued when he was 12, playing in the daytime matinees in Istanbul. Definitely, it was a very rich musical time all around the world. In the […]

Born in Tekirdağ in 1980, Hakan Yıldız has played in many nightclubs and private parties in Istanbul since 1998. He continues to actively perform at wedding organizations, events, parties, private invitations and corporate events. Favorite music styles are house, deep house, club and ethnic house.

She started her professional career by sharing the DJ-sets she created through her inspirations in music. She started to share her stories with the audience by winning the Play Magic 2019 competition organized by Magic Break in 2019. She shared the same stage with the names like Wolfson and Oliver Koletzki from Turkey and abroad. […]

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Born in 1971 in Istanbul, Joke Baba (Hüseyin Çetin) has performed in many nightclubs and private parties in Istanbul since 1989. Continuing to perform actively at organizations, corporate events, parties and special occasions, Joke Baba’s favorite music styles are house, deep house, club and funky house. Joke Baba continues to perform live every week on […]

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Mr.NoName has started his DJ career in 1999 and his musical style has been constantly evolving until today. Mr.NoName loves to create eclectic DJ-sets which is consisting of wide range of musical styles. He enjoys to play vocal, funky, deep, indie, electronic, progy, club, tech, minimal and techno in his DJ-set series called “Handmade Fusion”, […]

Negma, Turkey’s first female DJ with a trademark registration patent, started her professional DJ career in 2003 and drew the attention of a wide range of admirers in a very short time. Negma includes various styles of house and trance music in her DJ-sets; she reflects her emotional, colorful and funny personality to her audience […]

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OALP is an Istanbul-based electronic music producer and DJ who has been involved in music for over 15 years and started his musical journey by making radio programs. During his university years, OALP took part in Istanbul radio broadcasting and took the stage as a DJ in various Istanbul-based venues. Continuing his career in software […]

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Born in Istanbul in 1983, Oskay is originally from Thessaloniki. He started his DJ career in 2002 at Shaman World Music Club by playing ethnic music. Later, when he took over the booth as a resident DJ, he became interested in electronic music and continued to produce music in progressive and deep house styles.   […]

Even though he met the House Music, turntables and vinyls in the mid 90s but his first professional career started in 2000 as a resident DJ with Tangun, Cure-Shot, U.F.U.K and Hakan Türkürer in CANTINA one of the best night club of that period. In the following process he was one of the most recognizable […]

As the founder of Sound Design Istanbul and the guitarist of Saki, Sdat releases his productions from Torq Records, where he is the productor. Sdat, who realized The Revolution of Electronica along with Serdar Senel in 2015, created jingles and audio logos for many important brands as a sound angineer and sound designer.

Semih Tuncer discovered his interest in music by buying 2 record players and some records in 1989. The artist, who had been through the adaptation process very quickly since he had listened to a lot of music from an early age, first started his professional career in 1991 as a resident DJ of a club. […]

Serdar Ors, began his career in 1990. His first official work “Territorial Voices” was put on the market in 2004. His first exclusive single “Anatolian Sunset” was at the top all over the world for a long time. In 2005, he has incorporated Sound Academy Records for freedom. Also, he has established “Sound Academy Plus’’, […]

Sinan Kaya born in Istanbul. He’s spinning records since 2002 and also working as a recording artist. He’s making music with eclectic materials of jazz, funk, Chicago and Detroit house. He released his first EP in early 2009. He worked with labels like Apparel Music, Skylax Recordings, Beef Records, Kolour Recordings, Closer to Truth, Deep […]

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Ümit Türker a.k.a. DJ Hope, born in Istanbul. He started his music career by playing a vinyl record in 1990.  Turkey in general, announcing the name of the caller as a venue continues to be a resident or guest. By starting to play on Power FM in 1999, he added a different color to his […]

Although DJ / producer Umut Akalın has been around for well over a decade, it has only been over the last few years that his career has progressed to the next level. As an ever rising talent with an ability not yet fully blossomed, Umut produces music with passion and emotion. For the past couple […]

Volkan Kutmen was born in Istanbul in 1981. He completed his studies in Ankara in 1999 and then he moved back to Istanbul. He met DJ Tarkan in 2001 and is interested in becoming a Disk Jockey. He had his first performance at JUKEBOX in 2003 which was one of the famous clubs in Istanbul […]

1974, Istanbul. Graduated from Bosphorus University, Department of Computer Systems Analysis and Engineering. Turkish DJ and Electronic & Dance Music Producer.   Allevici, whose works are based on providing personalized quality music services in special invitations, organizations and weddings, took his first step in the music industry in 1990. He worked as a DJ with […]

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