In 1995, he qualified for the finals in a dj competition organized by Power FM and attracted attention. Ümit Türker, who made his first mix in highschool, started making the scene in Istanbul after taking the stage in summer resorts around Turkey for a long time and at the end of 2007 he undertook musical directorate of Power XL. As of the recent years he prefers to take the stage at major electronic music festivals in Turkey.

While he was playing cassettes at daytime matinees in his early 10s, he started playing vinyl records in the first half of the 90s. Papa Soul, one of the founders of Manço Production, is sharing his extensive knowledge with his students alongside his identity as an artist.

Concentrating on ethnic techno and sub techno in electronic music, Güneysel focuses  on new era musicology.

As the founder of Sound Design Istanbul and the guitarist of Saki, Sdat releases his productions from Torq Records, where he is the productor. Sdat, who realized The Revolution of Electronica along with Serdar Senel in 2015, created jingles and audio logos for many important brands as a sound angineer and sound designer.

After founding Sound Design Istanbul in 2014, he gave a place to Glamorize Records and Torq Records under the roof of Sound Design Istanbul. Serdar Şenel, who also realized The Revolution of Electronica in 2015, creates projects that allow the subcultures to carry on their existence via electronic music.

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