Hakan Görür

Hakan Görür always walked through music starting from the age of 3, listening to the masterpieces of names like Elvis Presley, Stevie Wonder, and many others. This passionate adventure continued when he was 12, playing in the daytime matinees in Istanbul. Definitely, it was a very rich musical time all around the world. In the early 90s, when he was 15, he was already playing vinyl in a well-known club of the unique city where he belongs to.

So, he is one of the legends who were there from the very beginning of the electronic music world and still keeps rockin’ the dance floor with unique emotional waves; considering Djing as a way of ‘art’ and having very under control the technical, musical and emotional side of the story.

So, sure he is very well known and respected internationally due to his talent of balancing every single side.

After all the experience of being a resident Dj in very famous clubs in Istanbul, Bodrum and Marmaris, especially expressing his talent at a very high level during the summers in the famous Cuba Bar from Bodrum, he opened his own after hour club named Music Temple in Marmaris. Since 1989, he has performed with the milestones of underground music, such as Todd Terry, Anthony Pappa, Rooq and Kenny Larkin. Hakan Görür is one of the very few Djs who has the administrational experience in the nightlife.

He is one of the founders and teachers in Manco Production and had been sharing his Djing and production experience with his numerous students for ten years. Also, he has a Dj & Production Studio in Istanbul.Under the name of Istanbul Disco Mafia (IDM)they are making remixes and productions for the most famous musicians of Turkey.

He is the founder partner of the label named Istanbul Records. With this label they give a chance to the producers from all around the world, to release their tracks. Istanbul Records regularly releases compilation albums of brand new tracks of well-known Djs.
Hakan Görür, with his last ethnic music project Papa & Soul, giving a new, fresh breath to the music world.

Nowadays, you can hear his radio show called Mafia’s Diary on Luxury Lounge FM where he is also responsible as the Radio Program Director, every Friday and Saturday night at 22:00, Fridays with worldwide well known Djs’ sets, and Saturdays with his own nice and unique sets made with passion.

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