The opening track of World of Sound Project, Astral by Sdat is available on digital music platforms.

About Sdat: As the founder of Sound Design Istanbul and the guitarist of Saki, Sdat releases his productions from Torq Records, where he is the productor. Sdat, who realized The Revolution of Electronica along with Serdar Senel in 2015, created jingles and audio logos for many important brands as a sound angineer and sound designer.

About Label: An aesthetic touch that rewrites the rules and a precious work of art that embodies all the enticing colors… Like silk between the fingers of the miraculous hands dancing on the smoothest of the fabrics… Like the presentation of a gem textured dessert that holds a thousand waves of savor within.. Glamorize, the shining new icon of the high life and the music that stirs the deepest of emotions… The painters of music gather in Glamorize Records, the creator of new music. In other words, the engineers, artists, producers and designers of lounge, chill-out, ambient, space age, new age, trip hop, nu jazz and smooth electronica come together in the prominent crew of Glamorize Records. For ‘Glamorize Style’ audience, the work is built upon the ideal of creating and sustaining that unique moment and Glamorize Records influences the audience with its musical depth, making him experience the feeling of being somewhere else. Interacting with every branch of art and designing for real music with its creative crew, Glamorize records aims to be an iconized label.

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