Ümit Türker

Ümit Türker a.k.a. DJ Hope, born in Istanbul. He started his music career by playing a vinyl record in 1990.  Turkey in general, announcing the name of the caller as a venue continues to be a resident or guest.

By starting to play on Power FM in 1999, he added a different color to his career for many years and after a while he became the music director of Power XL, the other radio of the Power group.

In the following years, he started producing music while he was the Music Director of another radio called Luxury Lounge FM.

Ümit, who has been working with his professionalism and quality in the past years without compromising his quality, is now continuing his music and radio productions in addition to being the music driver and DJ of Radio Glamorize.

Some of his released songs

Hope  – Wake Up

Hope ft, Ozcan Kumsar – Scream of Love

Ümit Türker – Hazin

Ümit Türker – Sakin

Current track