Erdem Yetim

Erdem Yetim was born in Istanbul in 1988. Between 2005-2009 he worked as a DJ in the most popular clubs of Istanbul.

He was accepted to Yıldız Technical University Music Technologies program in 2011 and graduated as a high honor student. During his education, he took various lessons such as music theory, harmony, composition and sound design from important names such as Koray Sazlı and Alper Maral. Erdem Yetim is currently studying for a master’s degree in Audio Technologies at Bahçeşehir University.

Over the years he played house, techno, electronica, IDM and experimental. In addition to short and feature films, he took part in various projects for the television industry. In this way, he gained experience in post-production such as film music and sound design.

Continuing his academic and musical studies independently in Turkey, Erdem Yetim also works as a lecturer in the Electronic Music Production certificate program at BAU IDEA Innovative Design and Art Academy, of Bahçeşehir University. He also continues to perform live on Radio Glamorize.

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