Barış Bergiten

Barış Bergiten, who has been a DJ since 1993 and known as the “Chief of the Sound” in the Istanbul electronic music community, was one of the founders of Radio Cool and worked as the music director of Dinamo FM for many years.

Bergiten, who reflects the skills he has earned by following world-class producers and record companies, is inspired by soulful techno, deep house, progressive house and breakbeat with this style, he has a special place in the hearts of those who listen to him. He aims to have his book, which he has been writing for a while, on the shelves in the next summer season, in which he narrates his determinations and short stories on topics such as electronic music and club culture.

Bergiten currently curates radio programs, every Friday between 21.00-22.00 on Radio 2019. He also regularly performs live on Radio Glamorize.

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